Financing your Education in the UK

If you’re worried about the funds for pursuing higher education in the UK, don’t be; read everything about financial aid for education in the UK.

Most international students who’re planning to come to the United Kingdom for higher education have several questions about financial aid in the mind. Some questions that they might be seeking answers to include:

  1. Can I find scholarships to study in the UK?
  2. Where do I start to look for scholarships?
  3. What expenses will I have to pay?
  4. Can I get a loan to fund my education?

This is just a brief of the hundreds of questions that we receive from international students each day. This section is designed to inform and educate students who’re looking for financial assistance to pursue their higher education in the UK.

Similar to some other countries in the world, if you’re planning to study in the United Kingdom, you will have to show a certificate of financial support while you’re there. This is to ensure that the Government of the United Kingdom won’t have to support or pay for you while you’re studying in the United Kingdom.

How much would you need to study in the UK might be the first question that comes to your mind? Let us tell you that the answer to this question is not simple. If you’ve gone through the other pages on our website, you may have understood that the United Kingdom is a small, but a diverse nation. The cost of living and studying is quite diverse too. The cost you may have to shell out for studying the south and in London would be quite different from what you’ll need to study the northern part of the UK. The southern part, especially London, is quite expensive from other parts of the country. 

However, here are a few rules of the thumb that you need to follow when you’re planning financial aid for your education in the United Kingdom.

Once you’ve shortlisted a destination for your higher education, you would want to obtain as much knowledge and information about the University and the surrounding areas. Most universities will gladly help you with this information. You may also get in touch with the local information centre for that city to get additional information. This information will help you get an idea of the kind of money you’ll need to study in that city in the UK.

Speak to fellow students

Try to get in touch with students who’re already studying at the university of your choice. These students and general people living in that city will have a better understanding of the living and education costs. You can even start looking for fellow students on our message boards.

Typical cost when studying in UK

Tuition Costs

How much would I need to shell out for higher education in the UK? Can I afford getting educated in the UK? Learn more about tuition and fee range for different schools and universities in the United Kingdom. 

Living Costs

Generally, students planning to relocate to the United Kingdom for education should know about their expenses they should plan for when in the UK. Here’s an idea of the living costs. 


One of the best ways to keep your finances on track when you’re in the United Kingdom for higher education is to plan and stick to your budget. Learn more on how you should plan your budget and things you should consider when planning your budget. 

Sources of funding

What are the best sources for international students who’re coming to the United Kingdom for studies? Where can you obtain funding in the UK?


Most students plan and prepare for scholarships to help fund their higher education in the United Kingdom. Here is a good place to start your search for scholarships.

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