Australia – A growing Destination for International Students

Australia ranks on top among the best places to study abroad for international students

Australia – A growing educational destination for international Students

Australia is renowned among international students as a destination that offers the right mix of quality education, a comfortable lifestyle, and a rich cultural diversity. This is the reason that Australia is currently ranked as the third most popular English-speaking destination for international students just behind the United States and the United Kingdom.

Australia’s culture and the top quality of education that it offers to international students make it ideal for those who’re looking to study abroad without worrying about whether they’ll fit into the culture or not.

Cultural Diversity

Most international students who’re studying in Australia say that the reason they choose Australia and not any other country to pursue their higher education was because it is a friendly, young and vibrant country. According to statistics, people from over 200 countries call Australia home. This diversity reflects in the country’s lifestyle, practices and even their food. Alongside, this diversity also creates an environment conducive for innovation. The local population of Australia appreciate this cultural diversity and hence take great care of international students making them feel at home. This cultural diversity and forward-thinking attitude of Australians can well be summarized by the fact that the Australian emblem features the emu and the kangaroo, both of which cannot move backward.

Friendly attitude

Like the rest of the country, Australian students also encourage and accept international students and lend out their helping hands if the need arises. Moreover, Australian teachers are also well accustomed to teaching students from varied backgrounds which makes things easier for international students. International students who’re pursuing their education in Australia state that they feel at home simply because the local population is accustomed to interact with people of other nationalities and give them a warm welcome. Such students may choose to live in dorms or homestays; the Australian population treats them like family members and in a very friendly manner.


Australia is usually ranked among the safest places in the world for international students. As Australia is a culturally diverse country, instances of political unrest are rare if not none. Crime rates in Australia are extremely low and there is a strict gun control law passed in Australia that further promotes a safe environment for all those living in the country.

Education System

The Australian education system is renowned all across the world for its high-quality education, quality research, and an impressive and effective structure. It’s a well-known fact that many countries in the world look towards the Australian education system when they are planning to better their own education systems. The teachers in Australia are usually subject matter experts and provide students not just with strong academic knowledge but also boost their networks. Usually, students in Australia are encouraged to think independently and innovatively so that they can get a more holistic education that helps them in a variety of ways.

Job opportunities and scholarships

As Australia is a comparatively new, albeit a fast-growing, destination for higher education among international students, it offers an abundance of scholarship opportunities to foreign students. The number of scholarships which international students can choose is far more than those in the United States or the United Kingdom. Additionally, as the population of Australia is relatively less, there is no dearth of employment opportunities as well. International students who’re on a student visa in the country are allowed to work part-time up to 20 hours in a week and full-time during their holidays. This freedom to work while studying helps international students earn to cover their education costs, and also helps them gain hands-on skills and experience in their chosen field which helps them immensely once they have graduated. Additionally, by working part-time international students get an idea about the employment market in Australia, which helps them build a better career after graduation.


These are a few reasons why studying in Australia is ideal for those planning to pursue their higher education abroad. International students in Australia not only get a quality education but are also trained to be independent and think creatively. If you have any questions, please write to us. We’ll get back to you soon.

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